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Magnet Forensics

  • Magnet Forensics launched the evolution of DVR Examiner today, Magnet WITNESSWITNESS includes all of the capabilities of DVR Examiner plus many new features, essentially creating a single solution to acquire, review, analyze and report on all of the video evidence from your case, regardless of source.  Proprietary DCCTV systems and files, cloud CCTV sources such as Ring & Arlo, MP4 & AVI exports from other sources such as in-car and body worn systems.

    Unlike DVR ExaminerWITNESS includes the ability to create sub-clips, create synchronized previews, convert proprietary DCCTV files and more.  Learn more at

  • It's been a very interesting and exciting year for Magnet Forensics.  New products, new acquisitions, new training opportunities, more awards & industry recognition, and still so many exciting things to come!  Don't miss the Magnet User Summit 2024, being held in Nashville, TN April 15th through 17th, 2024.  Be sure to also check out the pre-conference training opportunities.

  • Magnet Idea Lab has launched Project Goose, an AI-enhanced AXIOM integration available exclusively for Idea Lab members.  Project Goose is a cloud-based integration that can assist investigators in many ways, including: 

    • Examine images to determine the likelihood they were created with common generative AI tools.
    • Analyze videos to gain insight into their authenticity and origin through integration with Medex Forensics.
    • Ask questions about case data and see relevant results (e.g. "Do they talk about exchanging money?", etc.)
    • Use natural language to build complex filters in AXIOM.

    Those interested in Project Goose can sign-up at the Magnet Idea Lab website. 

    Live Webinar:Join Magnet Forensics & Medex Forensics for a live webinar regarding these topics and Project Goose on March 5th, 2-3pm EST.

    Register for the Webinar Today!

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