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"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." – Isaac Newton

DME Resources is a service provided by Larry A. Compton (d.b.a. Larry A. Compton, Spokane, WA - Federal EIN# 46-3092870 - A Veteran Owned Business registered with the WA Dept. of Veterans Affairs).  Associated domains include, and Please review my Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

This service is the evolution of the shared online DCCTV database that I began providing over 20 years ago, which quickly began connecting law enforcement and other professionals related to forensic video analysis globally.  Today DME Resources is proud to be recommended by leading Forensic Video and DFIR instructors around the world, and currently has over 2,400 verified members.

About one-third of the content in the DCCTV Database and Downloads has been contributed by members of my site(s) over the years. Suffice it to say, a lot of selfless law enforcement & forensic professionals have contributed to our collective knowledgebase, and...

Together we've expedited tens of thousands of investigations throughout the world.
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The secure members area provides a basic member profile and elevated privileges, providing verified members the ability to upload & manage their own files.  Members can also download files from restricted Downloads categories. 

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    • Downloads & File Sharing Library - Members can upload large files from their PC (up to 1GB in size!) OR link to them on another site (e.g. Docs and videos on your site, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.). Now members can also easily manage all of their uploads from a single page!  Current Categories Include:
      • DCCTV Software & Resources (over 200 DCCTV players & codecs!)
      • Audio & Video Files
      • A/V Software & Tools
      • Digital Evidence Tools
      • Industry Reading & Research
      • Sample Evidence Files

Membership Qualifications

  • Membership is open to all Government employees whose current duties include forensic analysis of Digital and/or Multimedia Evidence, including but not solely limited to sworn Law Enforcement officers.
  • Private sector analysts and/or companies who regularly provide related Digital and/or Multimedia forensic analysis services may also apply to become members.
  • Vendors of related hardware and software are welcome for their expertise as well but are not to use this forum or the information obtained from this site to solicit customers or market their product(s)
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